Bruised Ribs 

Have you been experiencing a stabbing or piercing pain in your chest while trying to have a deep breath off late? Or else, have you been experiencing some constant pain in your ribs because of an accident or a bad fall? These symptoms may indicate bruised ribs. To understand the condition more clearly let us look into its major symptoms.

  • Tenderness around the injured area
  • A feeling of heavy pain while trying to have a deep breath
  • Shallow breaths
  • Sharp and persistent pain in your ribs
  • Experiencing an increase in pain as soon as you move a bit
  • Inability to rest on the injured or bruised rib side
  • Inflammation and an unbearable pain in your chest (in case you have a rib fracture)


Bruised ribs may occur due to many reasons. An injury around your ribs or the abdominal area, a sudden rubbing of muscles over the ribs during a hard impact such as a major slip, a car accident or a sports injury can result in this condition. Medical conditions such as pneumonia, whooping cough, bronchitis may also cause rib bruising due to constant coughing.


Bruised ribs are hard to heal and give a lot of pain. Bruised ribs could press on your lungs and cause difficulty in lung expansion. In some serious cases, sharp edges on your ribs could even puncture through your lungs. This is a very serious condition and hence you should seek an immediate medical attention.


Identifying the bruising and treating it safely will help you with minimum of pain and an early healing. An x-ray of your chest can help in identifying any bruises in the ribs. This will also help in identifying any signs of pulmonary contusion or pneumothorax. Your doctor will also check for any trauma in and around your spleen and liver area. After a thorough diagnosis, your treatment follows accordingly.

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