Stool Color Chart and Meaning 

Stool color chart plays an important role in health. It may help you identify any underlying health problems in your body.

Normally, the food that we consumed is broken down into smaller particles. The process of breaking it into smaller particles is then transformed into chyme or liquid mixture. The chime moves in and out of the intestine while the nutrients are extracted and transmitted to the blood. After the chime is absorbed, some waste will be left behind. The waste is formed in the form of stool.

Stool Color and Meaning

The color of stool may differ depending on the diet, foods consumed and the state of the health. The stool color chart indicates the stool color and its corresponding meaning.

Light to medium brown - may indicate that you have a normal diet and normal health.

Very light brown - may mean   that your diet lacks in fiber content, likewise, you may have constipation and liver problems.

Black - Stool color chart shows that black stool can be a sign of ulcer, internal bleeding in the GI tract and improper blood flow.

Black stool may also indicate that you are heavy drinker of alcohol or you just consumed excessive supplements of iron.

Dark red - a stool with dark red may signify that there is an internal bleeding going on. You need to see a doctor if you have dark red stool since it can be a sign that you have underlying health problem. Some of the diseases that are associated with dark red stool are colon polyps, diverticulitis or colon cancer.

Bright red - stool that appears bright red may indicate that you have any digestive disorder or even colon cancer.

Dark green - this may indicate that you had consumed veggies and they were not digested properly.

Yellow - yellowish stool may be a sign that you are suffering from malabsorption, a parasite infection and pancreatic cancer.

It is important that you see your healthcare provider to know your condition especially if you observe chances in your bowel system. Early diagnosis may mean early treatment and speedy recovery.

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