Different Types of Thermometer and Their Uses 

When we hear the word thermometer, we think of a glass tube filled with mercury. Different types of thermometer are used for many different applications, each one using a standard unit of either Fahrenheit or Celsius to measure the degrees. Read on to learn more about the different types that is currently available.

Types of Thermometers

  • Clinical thermometers are used in hospitals and doctors office to measure the patient's body temperature. Three types are commonly used in this setting:
  • Ear - this thermometer features an infrared sensor that measures the temperature of the eardrum. Since the eardrum is located close to the brain it is possible to get accurate readings using an ear thermometer.
  • Pacifier - Placed in the infant's mouth, a pacifier thermometer relies on the infant's natural sucking instinct to check its body temperature. This is one of the safest methods for infants.
  • Oral - Oral thermometers can be used either in the mouth in older children and adults or held in the armpit of the patient to measure body temperature.
  • Food Thermometers
  • Oven safe thermometers are used to control the temperature inside of the oven. Some models are also used in food. The oven safe models can remain in the meat or other item being roasted until cooking is completed.
  • Pop up thermometers, popular in commercial chickens and turkeys, popup when the internal temperature is optimal.
  • Disposable thermometer strips change color according to the temperature. These are used after the food has cooked.
  • Outdoor thermometers are used to measure the temperature of the outside air. They can be found either as outside models or wireless models that are kept inside.
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