5 Uric Acid Foods to Avoid 

Uric acid is the end product after purine is metabolized by the body. Normally, the uric acid is purged from the body through the kidneys but if the kidney cannot remove the uric acid, the result is the buildup of uric acid.

Increased level of uric acid or also referred, as hyperuricemia is a serious condition that should not be ignored. If the uric acid deposits stays in the joints, it may result to joint pains, soreness and inflammation.

To avoid the condition, it is important that you avoid foods that are high in uric acid. Uric acid foods may lead to gout but your risk is greatly reduced if you lessen your intake of uric acid foods.


Uric acid foods can cause painful gout. To manage gout attacks, you have to avoid uric acid foods. Some of uric acid foods may include:


Meat products particularly sweetbreads and organ meats like liver, heart, kidney and brain contain high levels of purine.

Red meats like pork, beef and seafood should all be avoided however, white meats like poultry are acceptable in moderate servings. Meanwhile, those people who are suffering with gout should avoid bacon and other processed meats.


All foods that have yeast like breads, beer and other alcoholic beverage has high level of uric acid. Alcohol can delay the excretion of purine, which may result to increased level of uric acid.


Seafood like tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring and anchovies all have high purine. In addition, shrimp, lobster and salmon can increase your uric acid.


Veggies like potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, cauliflower and asparagus may contain 9 - 11 mg purine for every 100 g food. Consuming these, foods moderately are advised.

Likewise, veggies like lentil, chickpeas and dried beans should also be taken limitedly.


Caffeine that are found in tea, beans, coffee and certain leaves are known to boost the levels of uric acid.  Consuming drinks that contain too much caffeine can worsen your gout that is why it is recommended that people suffering with gout should take decaffeinated drinks instead.

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